Small Group Workshops:

Series of targeted sessions with small groups of 6-10 young people that have been identified as particularly struggling in the areas of self-esteem and/or building healthy relationships. Usually, the 1-hour workshop sessions take place over six consecutive weeks, but these can be slightly longer or shorter depending on the needs of the young people agreed with the school or establishment. The project worker will meet with a member of staff beforehand to discuss the needs of the young people and tailor the sessions accordingly. The project worker will also meet with each young person individually before the workshops begin to prepare them.

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  • The facilitator made all the girls feel important and that they had great qualities, with a good future ahead of them
    — Primary School Teacher, Small Group
  • When someone was being mean to me I had a choice to either tell them to shut up and I would be in trouble or I could choose a different way, which I did. I used TAC (a technique learned in the sessions).
    — Young Person, Small Group