Large Group workshops:

Educational workshops around self-esteem and healthy relationships, delivered to whole classes or larger groups. These can be delivered in schools during curriculum time, as well as extra-curricular sessions in both schools and other youth settings, such as youth groups. The sessions can be tailored to meet the different needs of the young people and are designed to be informal and interactive, with the facilitator encouraging young people to explore the topics themselves.



  • There was a good pace to the lesson. The children were interested and engaged and there was a nice balance of activities so that the children were always busy and engaged
    — Primary School Teacher
  • I learned how to handle my emotions and how to start a good relationship
    — Primary School Pupil



A course of 6 workshops with small groups of 6-10 young people. The project worker will meet with a member of staff beforehand to discuss the needs of the young people and tailor the sessions accordingly. The project worker will also meet with each young person individually before the workshops begin to prepare them.

We offer two small group courses: Self-Esteem & Emotional Wellbeing and Healthy Relationships.


  • The facilitator made all the girls feel important and that they had great qualities, with a good future ahead of them
    — Primary School Teacher, Small Group
  • When someone was being mean to me I had a choice to either tell them to shut up and I would be in trouble or I could choose a different way, which I did. I used TAC (a technique learned in the sessions).
    — Young Person, Small Group



Workshops for Parents

We have recently launched workshops for parents to look at some of the topics we address with young people, and to equip parents (including grandparents, carers, etc) with skills to have these conversations with their children. The first workshop we have launched looks at young people and social media. We will be looking to add more topics in the future.


All content was spot on, well delivered, and very thoughtful – right mix of practical advice and stats to prove
— Parent, Social Media Workshop


We are based in Weston-super-Mare, but cover most of North Somerset and parts of Somerset, up as far as Portishead, down as far as Bridgwater, and across to Wells.

For more information on whether your area comes under our remit, contact us

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The key areas outlined below are the topics we currently offer however, we are aware that the needs of young people are constantly changing, so these topics are continuously developed to meet this need. We recognise that every young person, school, and youth establishment is unique and so we aim to offer a service that meets these varying needs. As such we try to meet with members of staff at the school or establishment before delivering services to discuss the specific needs of the young people and will tailor the workshops accordingly.

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Self-esteem and confidence:   

Identity, what makes us who we are, self-worth and value, celebrating our uniqueness and differences, identifying our own strengths, challenging negative messages we receive about ourselves, celebrating the way we look, and individual differences.

Emotional Well-being:                    

Identifying our own and other’s emotions, the difference between emotions and physical sensations, identifying crisis points before they occur, and developing healthy coping strategies.

Healthy Relationships:                  

Identifying different types of relationships, qualities of healthy friendships and romantic relationships and how these relate to other relationships, the importance of effective communication in relationships, resolving conflict in relationships, how to recognise and respond to signs of unhealthy or abusive relationships, peer pressure, bullying, and skills for building healthy relationships.

Online Relationships:                    

The importance of knowing who you are interacting with online, how to stay safe online, online risks and how to manage them, cyberbullying, and online health check (how healthy are my online habits?).

Sexual Relationships:                     

Puberty and changing bodies, sex in the context of healthy relationships, knowing when you are ready for sex, facts and myths around sex, setting appropriate boundaries, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, sexual consent.

Sex and The Media:                        

The definition of and laws around sending sexual/explicit images, risks and potential consequences of sending such images, where to get advice and support, exploring messages received from the media (including pornography) about sex.

To find out more about the topics we cover or to book our services, please CONTACT US


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  • Adele’s delivery of the workshops was exemplary, and she worked hard on building trust and professional relationships with the children involved. It has been amazing to watch the children who attended the workshops sharing their learning with other children at school and putting their new skills into practice. I very much look forward to working with Adele and the Revealed Projects again next academic year.
    — Jo Arnold, Learning Mentor, Banwell Primary School
  • The young people really found it a practical experience to tackle the things they face as teenagers. They loved each session, how they were interactive, which helped them to formulate their identity. We will be booking more Revealed Projects sessions, as the young people have been asking for them.
    — Andy Pearce, Youth Pastor, Locking Castle Church
  • This summer the Revealed Projects were excellent. They did an outstanding job of managing the space, getting children and young people involved, and of engaging people in meaningful and fun activities. Their big team of volunteers came well prepared and made a great impression. Revealed were an excellent addition to the SWAN Our Time summer lunch activities and we'd love to have you back next year.
  • Adele ran an excellent workshop. She was very knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic. She made the children feel safe to answer her questions which were met with positivity. The content was age-appropriate and delivered with humour and energy. The range of activities were great and ensured that every child remained focused and a part of the session. The process of booking was easy and there was a wide-range of workshops to choose from.
    — Wendy Scherer, Year 6 Teacher, Hutton CE Primary School
  • The children enjoyed the sessions led by Adele. She engaged well with the children. They enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions and were all able to articulate their learning at the end of the session.
    — Ann Tossell, Class Teacher, St John the Evangelist Church School
  • We booked Adele to deliver a session to our “Tea and Tips” parenting support group, involving parents of pupil premium children and those on the SEN register. Adele delivered the session to a small group and it was really led by the parents. The information was well presented and relevant to our group and all questions were addressed with good knowledge rather than opinion. The pace was good and the parents were encouraged to ask questions and challenge things throughout. I feel the session has given our parents more up to date knowledge of what the issues surrounding social media are, their implications and how they can be addressed at home and how parents can support their children.
    — Rebecca Edmonds, SENCO, St John the Evangelist Church School
  • Delivery was excellent. The leader was clearly very knowledgeable and engaged children well. All activities were suitable to their age range. She was polite and encouraging, even when children’s answers were not correct. She ensured all were included in all tasks. This was a really valuable experience for our children and I will refer back to these lessons in the future when issues arise that have to be dealt with by these young people.
    — Vicki Robinson, Year 5 Teacher, Windwhistle Primary School
  • Personally I would like to thank you for such inspirational, interactive and factual workshops. The pupils were engaged and have talked about the sessions a lot. We had self-esteem work shop and online safety work shop, both of which captured the pupils’ attention well. Adele was punctual both on the days in school and with correspondence when arranging it. It was lovely to meet her prior to the sessions to discuss what fitted with the cohort of pupils and current topics of interest. She was very flexible with timings and delivered all sessions to high standards. Her interaction with the pupils was fantastic.
    — Lucy de Scossa, Learning Mentor, Uphill Community Primary School
  • We have been really lucky at Bournville Primary to have Adele from Revealed working with our young people. This is our second year and we have already booked for the next academic year. Adele has such a great manner and understanding of the children and gets them to think about ways that they can improve their confidence and self-esteem without them even knowing. I would thoroughly recommend Revealed Projects to any school.
    — Fiona Bennett, Family Support and Safeguarding, Bournville Primary School