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Hello, and welcome to the Revealed Projects blog!

We wanted to start the blog with an introduction to what we do at Revealed Projects and how it all began.

Revealed Projects is an early intervention initiative based in Weston-super-Mare, launched in 2016 by Holy Trinity Church. Our aim is to inspire young people to be confident in who they are, and to develop skills to build healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives. We run large group and small group workshops for young people around self-esteem and healthy relationships.

The topics we cover include:

DSC_0125 (2).JPG

·         Image
·         Self-esteem
·         Identity
 ·         Healthy friendships/romantic relationships
·         Online relationships
·         Bullying/cyber bullying
·         Spotting signs of unhealthy/abusive relationships
·         Sexual relationships in age-appropriate contexts, including sexual readiness, consent, sexting and pornography

At Revealed, we are passionate about what we do – but where did it all begin? To fill you in, here are some words from Adele, Project Manager of Revealed:

‘Revealed Projects is something that has been on my heart for a long time. Growing up I struggled with many of the same issues the young people we work with face, only now there are added pressures, and I would have loved to have engaged with a project like Revealed to help me navigate these. I have had the pleasure of working with young people in a variety of different contexts over the last decade or so and have consistently seen the impact of self-esteem and the ability to build healthy relationships on all aspects of young people’s lives.

When setting up Revealed Projects it was important to me to hear young people’s voices about what is important to them and overwhelmingly young people told us that self-esteem and relationships were top areas they would like support in. Having been born and bred in Weston-super-Mare myself, it is such a privilege to have been given the opportunity to set up Revealed Projects in my home town and give back to the young people in this town, and beyond. I’m excited to see how Revealed Projects will grow in the future as we continue to work alongside other great local agencies to help meet the needs of our young people.’

Our aim for the blog is to discuss the topics that matter the most to the young people that we serve – and to inform young people, parents and carers, and service providers about some of these issues, like self-esteem, identity, healthy relationships, bullying, and more. We’d like to talk about some of the current issues that young people face, and even give you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes here at Revealed.

It’s important to us that we remain connected to you about the things you want to hear about. Which topics are you the most interested in? Comment below with your ideas – we’d love to hear them!

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