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Revealed Projects was launched by Holy Trinity Church in June 2016 in response to identified issues within the town. When setting up Revealed, we held focus groups with small groups of young people across different youth groups in the town to find out what they felt their needs were and how they would like these to be met. Self-esteem, image, and family relationships were the top issues identified by the participating young people, reflecting national trends seen by Childline's (2016) Annual Review.

Young people stated they felt there is not enough support available around image, identity, mental health, self-esteem, romantic relationships, sexual relationships, and friendships. The main ways young people said they would like to address these issues were small groups, interactive classroom sessions, and one-to-one mentoring; these were chosen from a wider list of interventions. Feedback from teaching staff and young people has helped us to further develop the sessions to best meet the needs of young people. We network closely with other local agencies, such as local schools, police, council, and other non-profit agencies to establish the needs they were seeing amongst young people and how we can best work alongside them to meet these needs.

There was lots of reflecting back, showing the facilitator listened to young people
— Primary School Teacher, Classroom Session

Young people have been involved in each stage of the development of Revealed Projects, from the original research stage - where we held focus groups to ask young people about the issues they face in their lives and how they felt the project should address these – to input on marketing and naming the project. It is important to us that we hear young people's voices about the real issues that are facing them and involve them in the process of meeting these needs.

Revealed Projects is based on a foundation of Christian values, however we do not actively promote religion through this work unless specifically asked.


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